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Hitch Hugger

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Hitchhugger by Dakota Metal Works

* Anti-Rattle Hitch Clamping System

* Self-Tightening

* No Wrenches Required

* Quick and Easy to Install

* No More Receiver Hitch Noise

* Eliminate the Wobble of Cargo

* Carriers and Bicycle Racks

* Stabilizes Hitch Mounted mud flaps

Dakota Metal Works makes anti-rattle hitch devices called the Hitch Hugger. Our anti-rattle hitch clamping system is self-tightening and no wrenches are required. They tighten the receiver to the hitch tube automatically. Our Hitch Huggers are quick and easy to install. No more receiver hitch noise. The Hitch Hugger eliminates the wobble of cargo. You can use our anti-rattle hitch systems for cargo carriers and bicycles racks. It also stabilizes hitch mounted mud flaps. With the Hitch Hugger, you'll forget that you're pulling a trailer!